Protest guidelines


1.    Protest fees will be $50 per issue.

2.    All protest must be made to a track official within 10 minutes after the completion of the class.

3.    All protest fees must be made in cash. A] If a protested tractor is found to be legal, the fee will be forfeited to the person found legal. B] If a tractor is found illegal, the tractor is disqualified with a loss of purse and points and those fees returned to the protester.

4.    Any competitor who is found to be using performance enhancing equipment and refuses inspection will be classified as illegal and will be banded for the following pull and must then pass through inspection prior to pulling.

5.    Officials and the protested are the only people allowed near the tractor during the inspection.

6.    If an engine tear down is requested by the protester and the tractor is found illegal. A] The owner of the tractor is responsible for the rebuild price. B] If the tractor is found to be legal the protester is responsible for the price to reassemble the tractor.

7.    The board of directors and track officials will make any final decisions in the event of a protest.